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SKYTEC AeroSolutions provides construction professionals with a new and powerful tool that enables better visualisations and more effective collaboration between Project managers, Engineers and clients.


One of the most common uses of drones in the construction sector, both in the bidding process and during actual projects is performing topographic surveying. This helps improve the accuracy of your bid, giving you a better sense of what material and labour needed. By doing so, you give yourself a head start by a better understanding of the existing site conditions.


Our drones can be used to provide an aerial overview of your projects that are in progress and monitor the work-site to ensure Project Managers are up-to-date with the production process.

In addition to providing Hi-Resolution aerial photography and videography, we also provide an orthomosaic map that reflects the actual conditions of the site and its features, which can be used for 2-dimensional measurements.


To provide even further value to your stakeholders during or after successfully completion of your project, a 3D model as-built of the finished project can be produced, which can be beneficial for future maintenance or renovations.

Key Benefits

Site Planning

It’s crucial to know as much as possible about the site terrains, to be able to present an accurate cost estimate proposal.


Monitoring Work-Site

Our drones output can simplify the process of checking the current or changed state of a critical milestone without a doubt. As-built progress reports can be conducted daily, weekly or even monthly to capture the construction lifespan of your project.



We will give you the edge to keep your stakeholders well informed with real-time data. Using the data as a visual confirmation of what has been communicated, such as comparing completed work with As-built design documentation.


Progress Update

Our drones will help you track progress, keep tabs on materials, improve your site visibility and keep sites safe.


Get in touch with our friendly team today, to discuss how we can assist you to document your current or next project efficiently.


Drones became increasingly an important tool in commercial real estate with their ability to take fantastic aerial images and video of properties and the area surrounding them.


those images and videos make a powerful marketing content to give potential clients and tenants the ability to learn more about the location and the property features in an exciting appealing format.


having aerial images can help the clients make faster decisions and eliminate those that don't fit with their needs.


Key Benefits

  • Increase efficiency of site selection, inspection and regular maintenance

  • reduce risk by ensuring all parties have comprehensive information about the property

  • highlights the property features and the area surrounding them


Our services

  • Aerial still images to highlight the property features

  • Aerial videography to give the client a different perspective of the property 

  • Property inspection

  • promotional video for marketing



Get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your project mapping outputs.


Using drones for mapping provides a number of noticeable improvements over traditional methods, including safety, efficiency and data quality.


Increase safety, lower cost and be more protective with smarter project management


The traditional surveying methods are time-consuming and labour-intensive process, not to mention delays and interruptions to the services and the significant operating cost during the life cycle of the project.

Our aerial drones can capture the necessary information of the current state condition of your site, with minimum risk to everyone at a fracture of the traditional surveying cost. 


Key Benefits 

  • Reduce surveying cost and time

  • increase safety 

  • Minimize risk and improve efficiency

  • keep your clients informed 


Our services

  • Measurable 2D maps and 3D modelling for further analysis

  • Orthomosaic maps

  • topographic map (contours)

  • Elevation model

  • Digital surface model

Get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your project mapping outputs.